💫flashback💫 september 23, 2017. our first 2 weddings 💕👰🏼🤵🏼庭☀🌸 it was an exciting, touching and really joyful day 🤗 ah, you can write infinitely about the sea of ​​emotions of us and brides, but one thing to say is necessary – thank you for entrusting us with the design of your day ❤🙏🏻😘 #peaceandlove☮💟

the moment you forget to give flowers to your beloved … 😳😬😣😱⚡️ you may not worry about it now – we have a new service – “12 months”!😉💡 what we offer: a bouquet for your beloved every month (on selected dates or randomly). service is issued for a year ✅ tia_flowers_and_more #tia #tiakiev #tiakievua #tiaflowersandmore #tiaflowers … Читать далее 12 months

We also produce a lot of interesting and extraordinary stuff 👌🏻 keep an eye out for updates 😉 Rings with succulents 💍 Eco-cans with succulents 🛢 Bulbs with plants 💡 Gregory’s head 🧔🏼 Florariums 🌱 Deer and other creatures for decor 🦌 & many more 👽 There are many products available in stock and also … Читать далее Available